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Breaking free from ZipRecruiter's limited client interface.


Jim had a large number of applications coming into their ZipRecruiter account, all of which were potential leads for his company's recruitment team. However, ZipRecruiter places severe limitations on interacting with these applicants, such as limiting the amount of applicants that can be exported out of their software, limiting the ability to view applicant contact details & confining immediate interaction with the client to the ZipRecruiter platform.


Jim was unable to effectively reach out to the applicants and connect them to an interview, because he had to have a team member tediously and manually open every resume received, and enter the contact information into their CRM. Any kind of automation within ZipRecruiter was limited and fully branded by ZipRecruiter, causing contact with the applicant to lack any kind of distinction.


Sharpin set up a system to transfer the contact information from the resume of every applicant who applied for the job listing and immediately place them into Jim's CRM. From there, upon reviewal of the application, applicants received an invitiation to interview for the position straight from Jim's company. Since implementation, nearly 50,000 applications have been processed into Jim's company CRM, for immediate engagement.


Applicants receive acknowledgement of receiving application within 2 minutes of applying on ZipRecruiter

Applicants receive company branded invitations to apply for an interview

Jim automatically retains applicant contact information within his CRM

Jim is able to access all past applications at any time

Jim no longer needs to use ZipRecruiter's internal email system

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