Our Process

Every small business owner knows how frustrating it is to lose leads simply because the programs that you use aren't optimized to your exact needs.

This is where Sharpin can help.

Our mission is to discover creative solutions to elevate the way you interact with your team, your partners & your clientelle. We want to see your business running as smoothly as possible.

We take a 3-step approach to attain this end:


Our first task is to figure out what you need and understand how you are currently operating. This helps us offer suggestions and assess what we can do to upgrade your work flows and systems.


Next, we take the ideas and turn them into realities. At this stage we are setting up new softwares for you, building out systems and creating automations. This is where the real heart of our work takes place. You will leave this stage with a "tangible" new or upgraded work system.


Finally, we follow-up to assess what is and isn't working. It may take you a couple weeks to dig into the new processes that have been setup... that's normal! We build in a "troubleshoot period" into every project for this exact reason. We want to hear what you like and don't like, and adjust your systems accordingly. The whole process is designed to make your life as easy and efficient as possible.

Get to your solution in 3 simple steps:

Fill out the contact form with your details and a description, in your own words, of you problem and dream solution.

We will contact you to schedule a call and hear more details about what you are wanting to do.

We will give you with a quote for your project within 2 business days. Once we've agreed to terms, we will start work within 7 business days.

At Sharpin, we take pride in our ability to solve problems. If there's a way, we will find it, and mold it to fit your company.


Client Relationship Managers (CRM's)

Automation Software

Task Managers

Course Building Software

Email Campaign Framework Build-out

Spreadsheet Optimization


Providing your business with consulting, implementation & support for...

... and more.

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Sharpin is here to help.